February 03, 2010

Speaking of Alchemy... yes but !

Sometime on forums we can cross some persons feeling frustrated that fellows that have Stone (but maybe not having the equivalent state of consciousness) do not share openly, do not show any photos, give no real clues or hints, tips, tricks, knacks indications ... well, just some 'insipid blah' sometime or very obscure words or allusions.
Do a photo can prove something ? Can you make the difference between a manganese purple for painting, and a Stone ? Can you even make the difference between a powdered Cinnabar and a powdered Stone ? A photo is not a proof at all.

Do you imagine that something hardly won will be considered like nothing ? Of no value at all ? Even the easiest process, hardly understood or mastered will be considered like a grace, a treasure from the Nature's Compassion. It is not the question of being greedy at all, and to keep everything for one's self, no. Alchemy is more precious than money, gems, diamonds, or gold. Why ? All this, we make putrefy. We can see the beauty, but we also see the imperfection. Alchemy is a Science of Immortality, it is a treasure. All the keys to Truth are a Treasure. I do not mean to hide it from view, not at all. But, like everything that can give power in this world, we have to be vigilant to who we give the key ring. What if Hitler had the Long Life Elixir and could erase it's karma in a glimpse of an eye ? He tried that by taking under control all R+C obediences and F.M also.

It is taking risks to openly declare making the Stone, Elixir, Transmutations.
What push or motivate one to put himself in such an hazardous position ?

We know the Story "I want to proove the World that Alchemy is real", yes, so real that now a king put the Alchemist in jail and ask him to make gold for war... The risk for the well trained alchemist is to speak out loud what should be kept away from the public. Here lies a big risk, when all these things are so common for him (making gold, making a Stone, curing illnesses, etc), speaking out loud and uncypher of all this could be a habitude, and a stupid thing. Here lies the danger too because walls have ears. Is it surprizing if secret societies (the real one) are .. secret ?

Alchemists are often described in texts, of a fleeting nature. Running from one place to another, having no place to rest. Danger, yes, they were in danger always. Another cause for this, is that, they regenerate, and imagine the face of the neigborhood seeing the 60 yo guy in 40 days becoming a 30 yo one ... a common thing for the real R+C.

Mafia, governments, cartels, etc, could be very intersted in Alchemical works.

We do keep the silence in order to make unrecheable this Marvellous Science to people who will use it for bad purposes, like creating more slavery, more death and suffering, more power on other and not with everyone for the happyness of everyone.

This is why Alchemists never say they have a Stone openly, nor show anything, or even socialize.
This is why they alsmost never really speak clearly. Well, almosts :)

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