May 14, 2010

Mesmer and Bardon

Franz Bardon alias "Frabato".

Both were named "Franz", the first one is Franz Bardon, and the second one is Franz Anton Mesmer.
Lately, I was reading a book in which Mesmer portrait was shown, and ... what a curious feeling, it was like if I was looking at Franz Bardon. Weird. So maybe it worth nothing at all, maybe it is interesting ... just a feeling I share.
Franz Bardon was Cheif of a Rosicrucian order and great Magus. Author of three books upon Hermetical Art (Initiation into Hermetics, Magical Evocation, Key to the True Qabalah), treating of various subjects in Hermtical Art. These books should be read and practiced. They are really, really good.
Mesmer is more known for his Animal Magnetism and also his theories about the influx of the planets upon bodies. Both were quite in the same energy. Maybe this is why they both have the same physiology ... morphopsychology maybe. Mesmer's works should also be read, they are very interesting !

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