June 16, 2010

Green Opus

Salomon Trismosin, Splendor Solis.
After the painful passage in the kingdom of darkness, here we are, back to the surface of the earth, with a new life beginning. Spring ! see that the word/verb spring means a season, a foutain, or a new birth, something coming out of.

A personnal Work. We can see a chlorophylian green, even if it is not at all a plan work.

Sap is runnning to the top instead of staying under earth, in the core of the roots or seed, stagnant. There is an Ex-pression, because of this new pressure, new sun, new dew.

Salomon Trismosin, Splendor Solis.

This stage is linked with the Cauda Pavonis, or Peacock Tail, because of sometime, a multitude of colours coming in the surface of the bath, and also the deep colour green that can be seen, sometime, but only with some matters, we can have a peacock throat, of a very nice blue, but it is more linked to Nigredo.

A personnal Work. We witness an evolution in the green, from the very dark to the lighter.

This Opus of green colour is callen Viridis, in latin, and is the sign of the renewal of life into the matrix of the matter. This is joy coming and expressing itself, energy coming out ! A new breath, new projects are coming into mind, we feel happy and ready for planning future, wanting to create things, and to learn, express new things. After the darkness of low moods, this is a big change, and you feel it clearly. I also see that I listen far more music.

The Sulphur is coming out of hell, darkness.

The subject of the Cauda Pavonis, if we dig, can be very interesting, and even complex, as we can see, there is not only one Cauda Pavonis, we have the Black Cauda, see the image below :

Personnal Work, you can see on the wine, a kind of peacock tail, of course, it is not alchemical, only spagyrical and not related to the 'new life', it is something else. Here, we coud call that, "rooster tail".

We have the Alchemical Cauda (more complex than it seems to be, but, it is "under the rose"), and also a Mercurial Cauda Pavonis. In the last case, a rainbow colour is often seen in the glassware during a distillation for example. Another kind of Cauda Pavonis is also seen in the Mercurial Water while it is in elevation in the vessel, and when we apply to it by the side, a little light.

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