July 12, 2010

Cobalt, at last ?

Once the distillation of acetum finished, I have a caput of the Sulfur, of a pale pink. I add to it, once cooled, some Spiritus Vini (S.V pure) for the dulcification.

And ... wow, what a nice thing ! All the caput just melted into the alcool, and gave a kind of bright glittering pink, sparkling of little sequins. Very, very nice, it was like a candy, but alcohol is not yet acting upon it, the Sulfur is precipitated.


So, I put it to digest for a while, hoping that the S.V will act and extract the soul of the Cobalt.
... and yes, it extracted it, a beautiful pink, purple violet in mass ! Cobalt is amazing, beautiful. I can't wait to try the Tincture !

More photos to come.

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