July 26, 2010

L'Hermetisme dans la vie de Swift et ses Voyages - Eugène Canseliet

       This little book is now quite rare, I had the luck to get one . The author treats about the green language in Lilliput and other related subjects. The complete title is :

       "L'Hermetisme dans la vie de Swift et ses Voyages".

        I decided to deliver here the very curious, rich, and unknowned drawings, from this book.

         They are like that, in the text, with explanation at all.

         This author was very knowledgable, and loved the "bird language", for example, "FAIRE TAIRE", can be read as FER TERRE (Iron and Earth = 'antimony').

Copyright, Fata Morgana 1983.

Put the FAIRE TAIRE upside down and you can see that another angle is always interesting !
What do we have now ... Venus and Mars, Copper and Iron, united !

          Both were on a sea or bath, maybe their union make them "float", or makes them appear on the top of the Bath.
        And the Star makes me think about the Divine Dove, coming from above and diving into the Sea.


Boyscout Alchemist said...

What a beautiful book, such fascinating images. I will be studying these most carefully. Thanks for sharing.

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

My pleasure my friend !