August 28, 2010

It's an Art

Alchemy, is like cooking or painting or having any other skill, you need the knack, the inner intuition, the flame in the Heart, you have, or you don't have it, you can try and try, and achieve nothing without all this.

A person can really try to enlighten with Alchemy, believing firmly in this Science, but having no knack at all and understanding nothing that one tries to achieve, and even if one is keeping the tracks and trying to go on, I believe he should try another method. He is simply not made for that.

Alchemy is an Art; it means that you have your own way to make it, and I have my own different way to make it. Two painters, two sculptors, with the same colours, material, etc, will do two different thing.

Some say you need to have some Hermes in you. This Hermes makes the difference in all Hermetical Sciences. This Hermes is the link between you and Nature, and Nature's Secrets, Laws, Science.

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