August 09, 2010

Sixth Picture of L'Hermetisme dans la vie de Swift et ses Voyages by Eugene Canseliet

Copyright, Fata Morgana 1983.

The Hat is here the Caput Mortuum, still containing some black seed (it is grey and having a black ribbon).
10 seems to be the nomber of washing or imbibtions by the mercurial water (drops or Azoth), and Fire is also used (Ignis), in order to make a solve and coagula.
On the right we have a "key", the Caput in linked to Niter.
Under the Cap/ut, (Kaput in german mean dead, caput = head in latin), a black moon, saying that here the salt principle is impure. The fish/remora should be able to bear the Fire of the Salamander (see Cyrano of Bergerac, the Salamander is always defeated.

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