August 07, 2010

Third Picture of L'Hermetisme dans la vie de Swift et ses Voyages by Eugene Canseliet

Copyright, Fata Morgana 1983.

This drawing seems less complicated in fact, all is in the details.
I recommend to read the paragraph on the Fountain of Vertbois in Fulcanelli in order to have a good explanation of this ship and of the cubic stone in it.

We see the Remora and the Salamander, Mercury and Sulphur, ready to meet and fight in the Philosopher's Sea.
The ship is like a bird, the flag is black, and the moon crescent is on the sail, a sail is used to capture the wind, or here, the spiritus, the Mercury, maybe coming from the South Star, a celestial representation of the Salamander (south pole, hot nature) and the north Star or polaris, celestial representation of the Remora, the cold nature.

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