August 14, 2010

Why Alchemy

Because of puffers, Alchemy lost her spiritual nature. It is now a "way to make gold", due to ignorance of people, this science is seen in contempt or only taken as a fool's science. A lot of searchers are drawn to it, just in order to make gold in order to make a living. It's, in this case, preferable to save in order to buy a gold mine...
We recently had a new vibration bearing spagyrics to the public, on internet, but the physical side/therapeutic is highlighted.

The energetics side is not yet really understood, nor the spiritual side.

Alchemy is a Science of Enlightenment of the spirit and of the bodies, until one goes into Light and disappear, burning all the Karma that make him dense and physically existent. One then live into the Sun.
The quest of Alchemy is the Universal Philosophical Stone, or, an enlightened matter in order enlighten the Alchemist.

Universal because it is made with a Universal Matter, Philosophical because it is made by following the Laws of Nature, and Stone, because this evolved product is at the end of the process, a stony matter.
Of course, one can develop "powers", wisdom, knowledge, physical health and wealth, and long life, but all these are only side products, that comes by addition.

This Stone, is a gate. Divine Light shines in it, and if one ingest it, he can thus makes one with It.

A repeated fusion fills the Alchemist with Divine Light until he becomes totally One with it, and then disappearing in it.


Anonymous said...

So, this universal matter, which we are trying to attract and condense in a tangible form is the vital energy or the prana of the Hinduists? This is the reason that all the authors affirms that all the creatures of the world make use of it, but very few know about it's existence?

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Yes. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, then every thing in the world is a magnet for that substance. A human body attracts it, or I have to say conducts it, as well a plant or a mineral. Even a dead human body contacts it, as this is the agent which operates the rotting of the dead material body.

A gas substance is its carrier. Oxygen for humans, carbon dioxide in the case of the plants. So the whole chain seems to be sth like that:
Humans -> Prana - Oxygen -Blood.
Plants -> Prana - CO2 - Saps
Do you agree with this?

Why then we have to acquire a special magnet for that substance? To concentrate it and give it a tangible form? And what substance can be endowed with such qualities to give so magnificent results?

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...


Everything in the world is *more or less* a magnet for this "substance". Simply because of the specification of the vehicle and some other laws. At first, it is not a substance at all.

Prana is a potent vehicle for example.

A corpse, because the principal seed of Life is no longuer present, will decay, simply because there is no more electromagnetical flux in it, and then loose its general quadrapolar structure, that organize the gross body. Life Energy has a preservating effect.

You say O and CO2, for humans/animals, and plants, but minerals and metals ? I partially agree with this vision, but I believe it is more complex, because more factors comes into play.

In your last two questions, you answer your own question.
I cannot answer the last one.

Anonymous said...

Prana of the Hinduists and the astral light of the Western occultists is the same thing? Or prana is an undefined substance that generates, preserves and destroy the physical body, as well as the astral body?

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...


If you understand the term "astral light" as Papus or the Theosophist hear it, so yes. As it is a synonim of Prana in the occidental world.

Prana is a "universal" like water, it nurtures everything and is found in *all* kingdoms. But, as water, Prana is "layered" (like the Archeus experiment can demonstrate). Prana is composed of several other pranas = layers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that question. I haven't studied Papus but the theosophists speaks of seven principles.

The lower four:
-Physical body
-Vital-Pranic body: Carrier and distributor of the prana to all other principles.
-Prana: Vital energy
-Astral body - Kama Rupa: Τhe illogical soul

Τhe higher triad:
-Manas: Logical soul
-Buddhi: Divine soul - Atman's carrier

Of course all these things are theoritical. My main question is the following. This principle, which we acquire under the form of water can change it's whole appearance under the suitable operations or it can change only the appearance of the bodies in which it acts, while it stays always the same.

Can you give me some more infos about the Archeus experiment. It seems interesting. Is a descriptio available at your site?

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

An Archeus of Water is a division of prepared water into four elements, the first mercury coming is the fire of water, then comes air, and water, and earth.
Out of a liter you then have 250 ml of each element.
There is not yet a description of this process in the blog, but thank for the idea of article :)

With the informations I have concerning this product (from a fellow), I can say that it do not stay the same after having worked upon a body. And it can change by itself it's own "appearance".

Anonymous said...

You mean the experiment which is described by Kirchweger at Aurea Catena Homeri? In that we are using common rain water, not a special liquid - condensed vital energy.

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Yes, this experiment of Kirchweger !

I was just pointing this experiment in order to illustrate my idea of different pranas into one.