September 16, 2010

From "Lettre d'un Philosophe à son ami", by Limojon de St Didier

De Some Alchemical images of old books


Pelasgos said...

Hi. Good to see that your blog becomes bigger every month. Is that a work of Limojon de St Didier? So far I was only able to find "Le Triomphe Hermetique" and "Lettre aux vrai Disciples de Hemres". Is that another treatise from the same author?

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Thank you Pelasgos !

Yes it is another work of Claude Limonjon de St Didier :) Not very well known, I hope I will have soon the pleasure to read it !

Pelasgos said...

Are you going to publish that treatise in this blog?

Pelasgos said...

Is that the treatise, about which we are speaking?

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Hello !

No I will not publish this treatrise since it is now, seemingly, under copyright (?) at the La Hutte editions in france that made the first ever edition of this book.

This is not the letter on the link you give, it is another treatrise. Less known, and discovered by a french historian of Alchemy, Bernard Husson.
To my knowledge, there is no translation of this book in english or another language since it is now the first edition of the book. It was hand written in 1680.

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Here you can find a pdf with the introduction of this book.