October 12, 2010

Ignorance and greed

There is, of course, a lack of knowledge of Nature's Laws in the Art of Alchemy today (Science, the servant, like in Fairy tales, play now the role of false Princess, and stole the crown of Alchemy), that's not new, almost all the tradition were lost in two centuries, some peices being still under the eye of people, but not recognised, are waiting for an alchemized eye to contemplate their beauty and secrets.

A lot of people imagine that they will find in paper "lessons" what is needed to be learned, glad of their little experiments, with their brand new apparatus, they decide to open website and to sell products. They call that 'Alchemy', and it's just in fact, spagerics. But, "alchemy" is better for business since the word is used in Harry Potter Books... they all claim now to be big lab, making "Spagerics", or "Paracelsus' drugs" etc etc, and they never, never speak about the true goal of this art, and science. As lab they only understand technique, the science part "take that, grind it, extract it, filter it under vacuum, put the label and put online" (and no circulation of the tincture since electricity is not cheap)... that's so dead.

Dead products are also sold to people that understand nothing about all this stuff. Some "metallic elixirs" white and clear as pure water, containing nothing more than maybe alcohol or dew is sold. A tincture of silver, looking like a tincture of gold ? Both clear as water ... is that normal ? Of course, no. There is nothing in the flask. Metals dead for nothing. They are of course, de bona fide, because themselves never saw in their life the true colour of a metal, they imagine that they can have the soul of a metal without colouring the menstrum... magic trick. Not funny.

It would not be a problem if the tinctures they sell where not made after a "fermentation" of the product...inducing a process of putrefaction in a product will lead to a dead Sulphur, dead, I mean, "giver of death", Sulphur can only give what it has, of course, they don't know, do they have a brain, I wonder... the third problem is that they use improper products in order to make their tinctures. As they don't understand laws, they don't understand cycle and the effect of cycle upon matter and the composition of matter. Some guy selling "tinctures" were in fact caught selling coloured sugar water ... spagerics is not a placebo effect, it's not even a physical effect, it is, before everything, an energetic effect, a living effect. These productions must be alive.
For example, do you know you should not ingest obsidian tincture ? Do you know why ?

I let you find the answer.


Petros said...

Bravo Salazius, I could not agree more. Those who are selling, are praying on the week at their most vulnerable. I find it sickening, but it has always been the way. Greed and avarice are the most negative of emotions, these must be purged from the operator before he begins to see.

Loving the blog.


.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Hi Petros !!

Thank you, Yes it is something that is sometime linked to "Alchemy", now, one can live of the effort one do, that's business, but IMO the sacred part die with "money making".

Beginning to see is not easy at all ...

In Arte !