November 30, 2010

King Solomon's Mines, in the earth of Ophir

King Solomon (Solomon mean 'wisdom' in hebrew), is well known for his temple and wealth, also for some treatrise of magick (Clavicula Salomonis - but I don't think he ever wrote that...).

When the symbols become clearer, and when can figure out a little the Opus Magnum, we can see some links between Alchemy and some sacred texts, like Bible. Bible is said to have stories that are all alchemical, from alpha to omega, Roger Caro, french Alchemist working upon Cinnabar, used it extensively in order to explain the Magnum Opus.

King Solomon was said to have mines in remote countries, having 'red earth', and thus being named 'Ophir' (rich, red earth). It is very close in my opinion to the "Adam's clay", able of life.

Now, Ophir is probably a real place, where mines gave a lot of gold (but, geologist must have found this place by now no ?). Or, Ophir is also a kind of alchemical hint, a place where the earth is full of Sulphur/gold.
In 1 Kings 9:28
They sailed to Ophir and brought back 420 talents of gold, which they delivered to King Solomon.

2 Chronicles 8:18
And Hiram sent him ships commanded by his own officers, men who knew the sea. These, with Solomon's men, sailed to Ophir and brought back four hundred and fifty talents of gold, which they delivered to King Solomon.


Matthieu said...

Very interesting, thank you Salazius, and after? (I mean, that this is only the beginning of a more complete paper, no?;-)

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Thanks Matthieu,after ? I don't know, I write the articles as they come, the only one I planned are for the four colours (black, green etc).

So for the moment, nothing more to come.

Be well,

Serpentrio Arquila said...

Ophis means "serpent", so they may be saying that King Solomon got his gold alchemically from mercurius.

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Interesting, and probable yes, in greek, and Greeks and hebrews were in alchemical contacts. The Snake is everywhere if we look carefully !

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