November 20, 2010

Why transmutation is not a valid test.

Why transmutation is not a valid test for the Philsopher Stone ?

In Hermetism there is the science of Archemy, that deals partly with the transmutatory matters, and "particulars" able to make sometime, powerful transmutation powders, looking like a Powder from a Stone, and making the same effect on lead or any metal (and making of gold a red glass, etc).

Now, gold is said to be different after a transmutation by a Stone (harder, not attacked by acids...). But one can perfectly change the nature of a metal by adding too much of this or that, and to make it very hard or brittle or glowing red instead of green while melted. Depending of the "cooking" !

So, in this case, there is only the very high potential of transmutation of a tiny peice of Powder, from a Stone that could possibly make the difference, but how can we be sure that it is safe as a medicine ?
Sometime a Stone cannot transmute by itself, you need to know Archemy in order to make it a Powder (sometime it is not the case). It can perfectly fail the transmutation, and being a Stone.

Why making a test of transmutation if we seek a spiritual and physical remedy ? In this case, why don't we try the Stone upon an old and ill animal ? Making a healing, and a regeneration maybe. This could be a proof. A real proof. Not like a transmutation  made with Archemical procedures with a Stone. And a metal do not die or present illness after being exposed to a high level of toxic material. How to be sure it is safe ?

It is said that the Stone makes an evolution. Yes of course, as a remedy, it makes things perfect. But an animal regenerated will not be transform as a human baby, and a nettle will not transform in a rose tree. There is not change in the form, only in the quality, it is not a trans-formation, it is a mutation.


Matthieu said...

Excellent! This article destroy the myth of an unique stone, done with an unique matter, possessing all power on every reigns…
I agree with the fact that the alchemic stone has therapeutic powers, the power of healing is a proof that a "stone" can relly be called "stone", even if the effect isn't absolut (next stone will be better!).
To try the effects of an alchemical product (i.e. a "stone"), I usually use the homoeopatic technic of dilution (3rd or 9th dilution by the Korsakow method). This has numerous advantages, avoiding toxic effects (but I don't use non-comestible matters), and permitting the multiplication of the stone in quality and in quantity (which is a classic standard for the stone…)

PS. Salazius, can you retranslate my text in correct english ? Merci !

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Salut/Hi Matthieu,

Il n'y a pas besoin de retranscrire, ton englais est compréhensible, on peut difficilement faire mieux.
(You english is, ok, I don't need to correct it).

We have to believe more in what the lab can say and pure logic of the Hermetical thinking, than sometime in old texts, are they legitimated by the fact that they are old ? No.

You are right to use homeopathic principles for the tests of your products, it's obviously saffer.

All my best !

Alexander Jenner said...

That's true.
My Master has always insisted on this point, unfortunately, remained unheard by most scholars. Moreover, the appearance of the same philosophical proof of the matter is already revealed by the fact that its structure, very special, it has nothing to do with an ordinary chemical compound.

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