December 16, 2010

Blah blah, speak, share, work, and then keep silent.

(White speaking, in fact, the white of green here, exactly what I saw in a vision)
It happens. One day you have your mouth shut. You are no more able to speak about true Alchemy, or just ... to say banalities, but I must admit one is quickly fed up with banalities.

I've been through several phases in my alchemical speach.

- The firt one is speaking, mostly of ideas, theories and works, experiments and experiences. Blah blah ...
And you keep sharing and working, until you discover some good stuff (you think it is).

- The second phase is a feeling, like : "it's so common for me", and it's problematic, because you can reveal things, and speak out loud too much. You have integrated a level, but, some things must be kept out of touch ! And you are sometime not aware of that. In this case one should close his mouth.

- The third phase is just speaking when there is a real need to share, or to rectify something about a subject, you just speak by little touches, a little here, a little there, you fill the voids, you put some light, but not too much ... it's like an intuition.

- And then, you find yourself unable to speak about Alchemy. There is nothing more to say, and it is almost really possible to share something since, there is nothing really new under the philosophers' sky, everything has been said, in different languages, books, cultures, dogmas, religions, orders, stories, myths ... what could I add ? It's almost boring to read topics on forums, and you can't really innovate or have new conversations with friends of the Art. Loops, and circles, conversations are like ouroboros... every time on a different level, but nonetheless, every time on the same topic, one day, we will remain truly silent, nothing new will be possible to be added. What a great joy ! :)

One day we stop searching, one day we stop chatting, one day we stop being an actor, and we are spectator. We are no more involved because there is no need to be involved anymore since there is nothing to add, nothing to be found, nothing to be chewed and digested or rejected. One day there is no need to open internet in order to read posts or mails on this topic, we don't care.

I'm speaking of it, surely because it is the second or third phase of this inner cycle.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. I can relate to the 4th stage - not speaking, nothing new to speak of. And even if I say the most enlightened thing ever, nothing changes - big deal!


.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Nothing chances for who ?

But you are still involved in a blog no ?


Serpentrio Arquila said...

For anyone. We may have a nice "Aha!" moment, but what is different than before that moment? Nothing.
Yes, I blog. It's always seemed helpful for me to write things down. I'd keep writing if no one ever read it. It's how I "ex-press" my inner.

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Yes and it's the same for me, I enjoy it a lot. Blogging is a perfect way to ex-press, or releasing ("realeasing") some inner pressure :)
But, until the moment we are not silent, we are not in the last/fourth step IMO.

Serpentrio Arquila said...

Okay :)
One can also see the other three stages are happening inside of silence, the fourth. So all our talking doesn't disturb silence,
our true nature. :)

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

I'll keep silent on this subject now :D ;)

theFool said...

I have reached the realisation that there is nothing new to discover, everything has been 'discovered' again and again, everything is designed. This realisation left me empty, I felt betrayed because I had devoted my self to research. I no longer get excited by a discovery.

Now I understand that the thing I have to do is creation, I have to do research only to gather experience, strength and know-how in order to create my 'worlds'.

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Hi TheFool :)

There is a big difference in feeling betrayed and finding there is nothing new :) Anyway, I hope you will not loose your sense of wonder ! It is something deep and related to a childlike mentality (not childish anyway).

What you have been through in your lab was necessary, a necessity in order for you to grow up, one day, the toy is no longer attractive and we let it, in order to play another part of the big game.

Yes, create your 'worlds', and it will happen.

Good luck, and Happy New Year :)!!


theFool said...

Thank you Salazius, I wish you the best for the new year!

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