April 26, 2011

Some people are like Mercury.

Being an Alchemist is *always* a problem in regard to other categories of persons in this society - it surely always was after all, we know the story of the poor Edward Kelly, alias Edward Talbot (the medium of John Dee). (Take a look at his biography here) A lot of wandering Alchemists were present in Europe during the golden age of Alchemy (15 - 18th cent). Some, very powerful, like Lascaris, were lways moving, changing place and identity. Not every 50 years, after rejuvenation, but each time they felt "something". Which was very often. Some were established and with social rank (like Gualdi, but this one two disappeared suddenly, and reappeared some time after coming from a foreign country under the name of Prince Hualtazob).

Some people are like Mercury. They play a role of menstrum and you are the subject of their extraction. They will try to get out of you all your sap, all you that you know, everything and even more.

Some people would pay you, some would try to read in your mind while you're asleep, some would try to be close to you, and kind/manipulative in order to extract you some process, in the worse cases some would threaten you, some would threaten your familly and friends, would kidnapp you, would torture you (some black magus can do that easily at distance), and some would kill your familly by a way or another - astral mafia. Some Alchemists had nocturnes visits of high demons for example. I imagine it is the game.

What I know is that some succeeding alchemists, or even advanced one are under a Big Brother Eye (more like a Sauron's one ...), a French Alchemist died several years ago, and some people runned into his house in order to take his production, unknown people, coming out of "nowhere"... fortunately one of his friend came before and took the most important things.
This is not paranoïa. Alchemists are not psychotic.

This mafia is a real problem for those who don't know how to protect themselve, but we can perfetly blind them. We can see their action clearly. They want what we produce because it is Power, and everything they are not able to create. They want it because they do not deserve it. And because they do not deserve it, such Power is in their hand totally out of control, which will, by the end, destroy the owner. It is an intelligent Power, you have to Master (domesticate it) totally, otherwise, at such level, it will kill you, or push yourself to kill yourself. If you don't even know what to do with it, all its potentilities, all the applications, and how to handle it ... don't !

Je suis désolé pour mes lecteurs français qui ne lisent pas l'anglais, l'inspiration (et donc l'expiration sur ce blog) me vient en anglais, et je n'ai absolument pas l'espace-temps nécessaire à la traduction des articles en ce moment, un jour probablement, je les laisse aux malencontreux et distordants soins de notre ami Google traduction ... en espérant que vous saurez vous en contenter pour l'instant ! Mes amitiés.

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