March 21, 2012


Or spontaneous genesis of forms of life is said to be an old concept, no more of actuality since science considers that life arises from interactions between different factors.

Some recreated the first steps of life in a laboratory environment, like meteorits impacts creating proteins, and electric discharges in an azotic environment generating the same things.

Well, this is the scientific point of view.

I heard about Autogenesis, at first in the commentary of the 12 keys of Basilus Valentine by the knowledgeable Eugène Canseliet.

At first the concept seems stupid. Impossible.

But the whole universe is an autogenesis. No initial interaction.
Who created the Big bang ?

Some old scientits beleived that an autogenesis happened in flasks, left open, in the lab. Bugs, flies, worms appearing "spontaneously" ...

In reality, the autogenesis is one of the most important concept to grasp in Alchemy.

But if the neophyte try to grasp such a concept, he can make a step toward a great opening.

Scientifics consider that life is only by "living forms", we consider that life gives power to forms, and forms are structured to capt life.

People rarely consider that life, is by essence, LIFE, and thus immortal. With forms to express it, or without forms ! Nothing is then, full of life.

Big Bang is then the first ex.pression of Life.

There is no origin to Life. But, life is the origin of the forms of Life.

And then, some forms of Life can be Alchemically Generated, we call them Homunculi. They can be generated in all kingdoms. But I already treated this subject in an article on this blog, widening the vision of the topic.

Autogenesis requires dispositions. They are settled by the Alchemist, previously initiated by Nature.

Understanding, and applying the concepts is our job.

We are, Agent or Servant of the Secret Fire. And it's not from me, it's from Ripley.

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