May 05, 2012

"SOS Alchemist" in Black Phase. Hotline.

We recently had several loss/suicides in the French Alchemical world. I had an idea in order to avoid this. I want to create a hotline for Alchemists in distress. Maybe via @mails, and skype.

I also had a close friend trying to comit suicide a year ago. 5 boxes of sleeping meds. Fortunately he did an ingestion of gold elixir some time before this phase. It helped him to avoid death, even if the lethal ratio was in his blood.

Generally we have a little group of friends with who we share, sometime we don't really want to bother them with the stages we are going through, and no family, no relative can hear the pain inside. Sometime no one can understand us since WE triggered the "death phase/rotting stage"/Black Phase. Such a painful time of internal crisis ...

But I need volunteers for such enterprise.

I need experience people, confronted to such phase, and by the way, Alchemists themselve. With some knowledge of the inner cycle (black, green, white, and red).

Do you think it is a good idea ? Who is willing to help ?

Of course, confidentiality is one of the important basis of the help proposed.

Of course, this state must only be provoqued by an Alchemical related experiment.



Damien said...

Une bonne idée, sans aucun doute. Après reste à savoir comment cela peut se mettre en place... a part une sorte de forum, je vois pas trop.

Moi je veux bien participer mais je n'ai que peu d'expérience en Alchimie proprement dite pour le moment.

Alexander Jenner said...

I agree totally with this initiative, that i consider really charitable and necessary.

I would never imagined that the irrationality might have the upper hand on people objectively committed to the highest degree of research and spiritual development. This is the result of several mistakes and dissemination of dangerous alchemical disinformation.

More and more it is my belief that 90% of the publications and over 95% of the supposed "masters" are without the minimum objective value and that only the deep study of classical texts and the laboratory Alchemy, conducted in dissociating way from each 'group' headed by a leader, is necessary.

In the post-Canseliet Era too many new 'teachers' are born, who were claiming to be his disciples. The damages has been great, almost as much as the vapors of antimony were respired by many.

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Thank you Alexander !

Yes, indeed, this can be surprizing. One need a strong inner basis in the "Self" in order to have an inner ancor, and avoid, if possible to go in the emotionnal and mental flow ...

Concerning what you say about the "masters", publications and the groups, you are totally right ... I can only agree of course.