December 05, 2013

About a Balanced Heart.

Alchemy is a very very ... very old science, and as such, it has an egregor (autonomous psychic entity) and also some astral-realm gardians, so called "Secret (R+C) Masters" or "Secret Adepts", "Secret Hierarchy of Masters", etc. Give to it the name you like.

They generaly don't mess with the works of the practicians alchemists. But they can. When it is needed.
They generally give you hints, teachings in dreams, or, inspirations. They can whisper precious informations in your ears and make things to manifest "by chance" in your lab.

They can also block your works, your inspirations and "luck" in this field when you take a path of darkness, or simply when you begin to loosen your spirituality for something like a "puffery".

I personnaly don't like very much soccer, but analogically it is very intersting to compare this sport with Alchemy.

Everybody in the field play the game and they all want to put the goal. In fact they shoot the ball randomly, but generally they miss the goal. Sometime a referee stop you or give you a yellow or red card because of your bad behavior, you can be excluded of the field.

It is the same thing in Alchemy.

For those who are lost, lost because, not of ignorance, but because of the darkness in their heart, there is no hope for them. They'll be bloked. They'll be stopped and excluded.

And it's all of their fault.


F.C. Giuliano said...

A very interesting perspective Salazius. Balanced and plausible.

I've never considered the issue of the 'divine inspiration' other than an advise, or a shield with which the Ancients protect themselves from the inopportune intermission of the church.

But I personally must admit that at least in two occasion I've perceived as a 'whisper', an instantaneously clear vision, like a flash in the darkness.

Note I am not a person easily suggestible, the experiences which am referring to, have nothing to do with ordinary thinking.

One of these was a dream, extremely clear and complex. It started in a great Temple to end in a magic garden. It would be too long to describe but was an extensive representation of the Work. The other occasion was an unexpected inspiration at 4:00am in my birthday. In that occasion I have been able to write a complete document about the 'causes' which will be of mainly importance for every future understanding. A realy reading key.

Your interpretation could be an explanation for these unespected and improvvise experiences.

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Thank you for sharing this personnal experience. It is speaking to me.

I, myself, once called upon the old masters to guide me in a journey in Paris. An hour after I was speaking with an Alchemist in a parc ... random meeting of people ? Chance ? No, I don't believe it.

Perry Cheng said...

Quite true, though I would not say their lack of advancement is due to preventative measures taken by "secret chiefs." I think the nature of alchemy and what it is would do that without the help of said egregores. In addition, I would not say it is entirely their fault. Pop culture and the many garbage books out there would also play a role.

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Yes of course you are indeed right Perry :)

Some BS are gravitating around the Alchemical Planet.

Anonymous said...

That's a good one comparing football to alchemy!


Anonymous said...

I agree with what Perry Cheng said also, I see the power of the egregore at play especially for the ongoing continuation of the Art.