July 08, 2014

About a secret process : The Plant Alkahest


Today, I decided to share with you an idea, not a secret per se, but an idea in oder for you to start some researches, if you are inclined to do so. 

Opening new perspectives is sometime better than just limiting the possible experience of people by giving everything in clear. They can have marvellous ideas sometime, that are out of our own field of vision.

In order to explain myself better : We have a transmutation process in metals. We will do the same thing, but with plants. The sulfur and a secret fire are added to the metal, and it follows a logic of enhancement of the quality of the sulfur principle - a "graduation process". Id est, a transmutation, this is Archemy.

I propose here to create a liquid or a solid matter, (liquid is better IMO to fit the nature of plants) to transmute, to graduate, the fix and volatile sulfur of a plant. What is the goal ? To transmute it into a plant gold, a perfect sulfur.

The healing qualities of this plant should thus be higher than a simple plant, first because it is enhanced, and secondly because there is a fingerprint, a trace, of an Alchemical process of transmutation. (Transmuted gold is better than natural one, so, the same here too).

Here are some photos I made after having such a process of transmutation with my Plant Alkahest.

Curcuma/Tumeric Tincture.

The description of the process :

The Alkahest is added to a small quantity of zedoar/curcuma/Turmeric tincture made with pure spiritus vini (probably some water in it, of the order of 10%). We witness a direct reaction : everything turns white and blur. Then everything disappear and left a clear liquid. At the top, a moment after, a red hue comes. Then, the whole mass of the liquid turns deep ruby red. Which is not at all the colour of the turmeric, which is deep orange red. After a moment, the day after, everything turned deep gold, exactly of the colour of gold tincture (not represented here).

Do we have the same tincture that we had at the beginning ? No. There is a coction and a transmutation.

I'm still working on enhancing the process, because the one I used is gross. I plan to make it more alchemically suitable (even if it is already interesting and giving results).

I took up to 21 drops a day without bad side effects. It helped me in my energies and getting contacts with superior spheres. I also had a physical purification : it seems to go deep and far in the memories of the body. I had an old scar of shot on my left shoulder that began to have a red spot on it, and the whole area began to be red too. A good sign of purification IMO.

What is to be noticed, and which is very important in fact, is that all the plants do not react with the Alkahest. Some just have no sign at all of transmutations/changes. IMO, they are already perfect (to the gold level). We can also notice on very fine tinctures that the alkahest can separate impurities from the sulfur. Impurities, fall down, as a gross material cloud (like a Gurh in fact).
It clearly makes a separation from what is not pure from the pure.

I hope this will interest you and give you an idea about the transposition of processes in the metallic realm to the vegetal one :)


Anonymous said...


Reminds me of one of Bardon's student's description, that of Seila Orienta in "Alchemy: Mysteries of the Philosopher's Stone: A description of the 5th Trot Card according to Franz Bardon".



.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Hi Krisztian,

Thank you for the reference, I didn't know this book.

Take care :)