June 17, 2010

Gold Elixir

Gold before distillation.

To make short, I use an "Alkahest" to open my gold leaves, they appear red, and still solid, you can wash them, dry them, and a further treatment will dissolve them into pure spiritus vini (tartarised), and then you have the above tincture.

Distillation of Gold, the Oil is concentrating.

Mercury put back on the "caput", and the color changed.

After three more repetitions of the process, here is the final Elixir.

This Elixir is really Sun's rays in a flask.

I felt, the first time I took some of this elixir, (1/4 of little drop in some white wine, morning, empty stomac, and no theurgical work on it), after ~ 30 mins a gentle heat in the stomac, liver, spleen zone during 30 minutes almost, I felt it also once in the day, it lasted 5 minutes approx.

I've charged it, with solar mantras, etc, and the absorption did nothing that my consciousness could notice. But I beleive I've not made enough intakes to see clearly the action.

Update : Thing done, this solar elixir made a nice, and very weird purification of very tiny astral transparent parasites, like 'bacterias' or very little worms (I saw that in a dream, all psychic or energetical purification or initiation are lived in "dreams" i.e, on the astra mental level, or energetical and psychic level.)

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