June 21, 2010

Gold ...

Some little works again about gold.

I put my Alkaest and 5 gold leaves for the "test" (well, I already know how it will react, so, it's not really a test, just some fun with a new Alkaest). 6 minutes after ... at a low temperature (around 60°C maybe, I don't know, it was on the first level of my hot plate so ...) I had not even the time to take photos of the evolution (doing something else). But I knew it would occur so quickly.

We can see here the gold falling appart ...and bubbling, after loosing it's colour.
Gold is like silver when it's colour is extracted.

This is a funny and amazing process, gold is vanishing ... litterally, into this mercury (all potable ! what a great thing), yes funny because you see a such difficult thing (it is considered as such generally) occuring in front of your eyes so quickly. And the second thing, is that it is easely done. Of course you have to prepare your alkaest before etc, but even that is an easy and relatively (if you make lab alchemy, this relatively mean something precise lol) quick task.

We Can see here the body of gold.

I think I can saturate the Mercury wilth gold, until it dissolves nothing more.

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