July 12, 2010

Generation of Metals

This image shows us something clear : You need a salt, a sulfur, and a mercury, plus, a fire (vulcan = common fire, represented by the old man) in order to grow from a common place or root (represented by the tree) all the existing metals.

The general idea is that there is only ONE matter (made of three principles) that once cooked, and made more or less perfect, is coagulated in the veins of the earth, and give birth to metals.

In order to make a metal perfect, you just have to put it back into it's mine.

Maybe a joge on the spade of the gardener (alchemist) "Elaboro"

"Elabor, in latin mean, escaping from a danger, or elapsing from a place, that no one knows what we became."

Elaboratus, mean "made by art, and properly, with care, elaborated."

This is possibly a reference to the "ora et labora".

The Concipio on the tree, mean "to take several things in the same time".

Vulcan pour the saturnian waters upon the roots of the tree in order to nurture it, see the dew also, coming from above.

In the philosophy of alchemy, all metals are made of the same substance, à different degres of maturity. When you cut the root of a plant, or you put the whole plant out of earth, then, it cannot grow anymore, this is the same thing with metals. If you put in the fire a plant, it is destructed, again this is the same thing with metals.

It is not because metals can melt, that they have to be melted !


Anonymous said...

So why do you think the philosophers give Saturn the first place in metals? I understand it is the most dense, but everything I am seeing shows that iron is the first generation???


.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

The Source of metals is not a metal. The old autors state about this that it is the source of ALL things, gems, metals, plants, etc. Of course they mean, 'by further evolution' implicitely.
A lot of person beleive it is Stibium, it is not of course at it is already determined in the metallic realm...